Mark Millar Had a Contest

Let's see. It's been a while since I've found the time to update this little blog. Sorry folks. The good news is that I've been very productive. The bad news, I haven't updated the blog. 

Tomorrow, Mark Millar will reveal the winners of his second annual talent hunt. I wrote a great script last year and didn't win. This is disappointing in a sense because I loved that script. That's exactly where the disappointment ended. The experience was great. I got to write a short script, which is not exactly easy. I met a deadline. That's huge. And, really, with all those entries, it's a long shot. I was happy with the script and that's all I can do. I think I was really impressed when the winning script was similar to mine. It proved to me that my idea was sound. Check it out in the sample script section of this website. 

I sit here in anticipation because I feel the same way about this script. I'm sitting here waiting for my kids to finish up dance class thinking, "Will I win?" Who knows. This story impressed me and the two or three people who read it. In essence, I'm already a winner. It would be nice to see that story make it into the annual. 

Well, the kids are about to leave their class. Hopefully, the next time I post, you will hear great news about the contest. Or you've already heard the news because you read it online. 

Till then.