Learning Lessons

Okay. I just wrote this blog about my first script. The site crashed on me and I lost the post. I really liked that blog, and just like that, it's gone. Now, you get to read the second version of that story. 

I just received some feedback from Top Cow regarding this years talent hunt. It reminded me of the first script I ever wrote. This thing was awesome. It was a masterpiece and was my ticket to the big time. Or so I thought. 

Somehow, I managed to get this script into the hands of an editor at DC Comics. Don't ask how. Just know that it happened. You see, I had been reading comics for a long time. One day, I read a mini-series and didn't like how it was executed. I decided I could do a better job. I'm not one to talk. I simply do whatever I say. So, I sat down and wrote a script. And it was amazing. A bloody masterpiece. This thing was going to get published. 

Then, it was placed in the hands of the editor. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get this done. After some time, he sent his feedback. And, as you predicted, it was horrendous. I was devastated. My perfect story was a hunk of junk. That wasn't right. The editor had to be wrong. 

I didn't handle this critique very well. My storytelling was sound. I executed exactly what I wanted to do. The thing was, he didn't like what I was attempting to do. I get that now, but not back then. It was a tough lesson to learn. 

When you write, the people who read your writing need to give you feedback. It's tough to come by. Plenty of my friends and family read my scripts and they love everything about them. I always ask what they didn't understand or enjoy. They never seem to have anything bad to say. . 

Today, although it is tough to handle, that's the feedback I value the most. What is wrong with my story, people? Thankfully, I've grown and understand that opinions are valuable. They don't always need to be agreed with or listened to. They need to be processed and digested. From there you either take the advice or don't. It's your story and you need to make the hard calls. 

Now, the Top Cow feedback turned out to be sound. I half expected them to say what they did. I took a chance and wrote some stuff that falls outside that illustrious box. Turned out, they didn't love it. Hopefully, it's an easy fix. We will see. 

I think I'm going to put up some of my published and unpublished scripts for you to enjoy. Who knows, maybe I'll put up my first script. You can judge how bad id is for yourself. 

The first version of this story might have been better. Who knows? It got lost in the internet for all of eternity. 

Till next time I'm bored with ta laptop.