Divebomb: First Flight

My latest book was released a few weeks back and I just got my copy. Divebomb: First Flight is a spectacular anthology book. Kurt Belcher and Ben Ferrari created a phenomenal, jet pack wearing character.

Clint Tweedy used to be rich. Now, he has to make ends meet by delivering parcels via jetpack. Along with corporate espionage, Clint needs to fend off the world's governments who would literally kill to get their hands on his technology. 

There is such a rich backstory for this character too. I'm a big history guy. When I write, I try my best to root my characters' backstories in history in some way. That history may be tweaked and bent to my whim. I'm a writer after all. It's what we do. But at it's crux, the idea comes from history, or mythology, in some way. I always felt like it added much needed layers to the characters and opened up many possibilities. Alas, I digress. 

When I got a glimpse at Divebomb, I saw the history in the character. He's not the first generation Tweedy to wield a jetpack. That's where my idea came from. Clint has a daughter Haley who stands to inherit the jetpack. I thought it would be cute to look at an adventure from her point of view. Thus, Inheritance was born. 

This 8 page story was drawn by a future industry great, Luis Rivera. You need to see his work. The man's a genius at his craft. The detail that he added from my words made this adventure. This story about a little girl rescuing her goofy father from the clutches of a mysterious man wouldn't be half as good without his illustrious talent. 

I can ramble on and on about this book but I have a script to write and must move on. I need to leave you with a link because you really should buy this book. When I get more time, I'll add a Divebomb tab to the Published work section. For now, click the link below and buy the book. You might have to cut and paste it. Sorry. 


Till next time.