Another Contest

I have to admit, I dropped the ball on this one. 

I love writing stories based on characters created by someone else. I don't know why. There really isn't a reason for it. I have a blast running these characters through my filter and coming up with a new way to present them. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to build a world of my own. There's just something to seeing another person's world for what it is and making it shine. 

That's one of the reasons I love to enter writing contests. I mean, I would love to win, but let's face it, that's always a long shot. It really doesn't matter how great the script is. It's a matter of subjective taste. As long as I'm happy with the script I send in, I'm a winner. That and it makes for a great talking point when I run into the editors at a comic con. 

Where is this going? Yesterday, I found out about Darby Pop's latest contest. I knew it was coming, but somehow, I missed the start. By an entire month. That's nearly the entire contest. That put me under the gun. I thought for a brief second that I have a pretty decent workload at the moment and probably should skip this year's contest. Then I thought that would be a cheap cop out. I never thought of myself as a person to back away from a challenge. So I decided to go for it. 

Now, I'm practicing writing in crunch time. I have a week to get this story ready. There is no time to waste writing a page a day or to blankly look at the screen with writer's block. This needs to get done and done well. That's my goal. When I meet the deadline, I will be especially proud of the story. It doesn't matter if I win or lose. I just need to be happy with the work. 

Until the next time I have a random idea to type on this blog.