From Wildchild comes Saturn

Wow. I just proofread Saturn and Orion Book One. This book is near and dear to my heart and I'm ecstatic that it's finally ready to go to print. Pilot Studios decided to make this their first ever Kickstarter campaign, and I couldn't be more honored. 

It is amazing how a story comes together. Saturn was not always meant to be. At least not in the incarnation she is in now. Ages ago, my friend and I were chatting about a story idea. This book was called Wildchild. It was my first real venture into writing an ongoing series and had all the problems of a new writer trying to learn his craft. But the concept was damn good. I couldn't get it out of my mind. 

Over the years, I would try to get some traction behind this book. The thing is, I never let go of the original concept. The same flaws that were evident years ago were still there. I was too close to the project and was determined to see it work. I couldn't see the flaws. That's when Pilot Studios asked me to write a Daredevil type character. Obviously, I couldn't write Daredevil. That's when Wildchild popped back in my head. 

I decided think about Wildchild. I refused to pull up my old files. I simply went off of my memory. What did I remember? I realized that, after all these years, if it was still in my mind, that was the good stuff. That was the stuff that I needed to keep in the story. Suddenly, I had a new character, Saturn. 

The supporting cast and villain would come rather quickly. Again, what worked for Wildchild? Some of that stayed. Some went into the trash. Before I knew it, I was writing a script. You might say, the script wrote itself. The words flew on the page. Before I knew it, I had an emotional tale pitting technology agains ancient mysticism. I hit the jackpot. 

Now, Saturn and Orion is here for you to support. It will be launching on Kickstarter soon. I'm sure you'll find a link on this site. I would love to have your support. I really think you'll enjoy what you read. Maybe one day I'll even open those old Wildchild files and compare the two characters. Only time will tell.