I HATE REVISIONS! There, I said it. It's true. I think that goes for many writers. It's probably why I simply type and publish these blogs. If I had to sit down and reread each post, I would probably delete everything I said and not update on a regular basis. I mean I've had this site for approximately two years now and I'm only starting regular blog posts now. (I bet I need a comma in that sentence too.) The thing is, revisions are so important. They are vital to the story and without them, your final piece will most likely be worse than it could be. 

Today, I sat down to revise the dialogue on a one page story. The story, Straight Outta Kipland, was designed for Kip (Indy wrestler) to sell as 11 by 17 prints at his shows. The kids will love it. At least I hope so. With the art complete, a letterer onboard, and an offer to toss it into a wrestling anthology, I thought it would be important to get it done. I sat down and reread the dialogue for about an hour. Every time I changed something. There were parts that didn't flow the way they should and it showed. Now, I've tightened the dialogue up and plan on spending about another few minutes checking it again.

To explain further, this story was written as a rhyming poem inspired by Casey at the Bat. Poems are interesting. If you don't get the beats right, it doesn't flow and takes the reader out of the story. Deciding to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end on one page left no room for error. A 22 or 48 page book and slip at a point and not ruin everything. One page, that's entirely different. 

So, why do I hate revising. It's a lot of reading, which can be very time consuming. Think about it. How many pages to you have to read through and tighten up. It has to be done, but that doesn't mean writers want to do it. And that's me talking about reading my own work. Imagine how a creator feels when you ask them to read something. The first thing they say is, "Don't send me a script," followed by, "Make sure it's a complete book." I'm sure there's more than one reason for this, but a big one, if we don't want to read our own scripts ... (figure it out). 

Anyway, I will beta read scripts for friends when I have the time. It's fun. Not all the time. I know. I know. Idiot just contradicted himself. Yup. I did. Deal with it. Bottom line ... I still hate revisions. 

Time to get back to it though. Until next week.