Boy Meets World

I've been thinking about Boy Meets World lately. I have no real reason why. The thing is, I love that show. To this day, it is a fun, topical show. Let me explain. 

First, if you grew up in the 90's, you probably watch TGIF. If not, I don't know why you're even reading this. Boy Meets World hit with me as I grew up. I really connected with each of the main characters in their own unique way. Cory's nerdy awkwardness screamed me in many situations. At other times I was Shawn, or thought I was. I had an older brother who, like Eric, had better things to do than hang out with his younger, annoying brother. We can't forget about two parents who can't relate to you at all. Hey, at least they're there when you mess up. 

I grew up with these characters and really felt like I was a part of their crew. Their lives mirrored mine in so many way. Yeah, I know, they grew up way too fast, but the adventures still hit home. There were times this show had me laughing one week and practically crying the next. Come on, I was absolutely too cool to actually cry. Until the last episode that is. Watch it now and tell me your eyes don't well up. Go on, I dare you. 

The interesting thing about this show is the magic trick it pulled. I never saw it coming. Today, I'm a teacher by day. I stand in front of my class and teach educate my students while trying to explain various life lessons when they are necessary. Try explaining the dangers of the world after Sandy Hook. It's not easy to say these dangers don't exist. That was the easy answer before reality hit. So there I am, standing in front of my students and I realize, I grew up and became Mr. Feeny. And that right there, that realization made me understand how great this show actually is. That's true magic. 

Not only am I Feeny. I have also become a father. So all those hard lessons that Mr. Matthews had to teach Cory. That's me with my kids. I'm that cool dad. The one who hangs out with his kids and does silly things to make them laugh. Alas, I'm sure my kids won't always see things that way. Once again, the magic of Boy Meets World. A dad does everything for his kids, and they don't realize it until well after it's too late. 

I wish I could have connected with Girl Meets World. I didn't and there's nothing wrong with that. I have my Cory and crew waiting for me on DVD. They'll always be there. Maybe my kids will make that connection. Maybe not. Maybe they'll find Girl Meets World. Maybe not. I'm sure something will connect with them that doesn't involve YouTube. 

Till next week.