Star Trek Discovery

Like many of you, I watched the premier of Star Trek Discovery. Like many of you, I have a few opinions on the show that I think would be good to share. 

Let me start by saying that I really liked the show. It was very interesting with at least one, possibly two characters that kept me compelled throughout. I am drawn to quality characters that have memorable arcs. I try to write characters that connect with the audience on an emotional level. It's what I want to see. I saw the potential for that here, which made me happy. 

The adventure that opened the show really set the tone. The Federation is in its infancy and is only learning their limits. The are just as stubborn as they've always been. It's a wonderful fault in all the captains. Why else would the Spock/Kirk relationship work so well. Overall, I would continue watching this show. And that right there is where the problems come in. 

Yup. There were quite a few problems I had with this show that many people would probably brush off. The thing is, if I brushed them off, there would be no real point typing about Star Trek, would there? My problem starts with the timing of this premier. Football is a great lead in. Except when you set your DVR to record it. The game ran long and you had to record two shows to make sure you got the one. I'm sure this didn't bother anyone as much as it did me. Let's not forget that 60 Minutes also took up an hour after the game. Maybe that's a show you enjoy, maybe not. For many people, like myself, it kills the momentum from the football crowd. 

As I said earlier, the episode was really well done. Then it ended. It finished in a way that was not satisfying. I'm not going to spoil it, but it was far from a climax. It was a cliffhanger, sure. But the episode left me wanting. It did not leave me wanting to pay for another subscription though. Personally, I would have had a solid beginning, middle, and end with a quality cliffhanger. Something minor building up throughout the episode that comes to fruition after the climax from the A plot. That's my move. 

I get what they're going for. Subscribe to finish the episode. It makes sense and probably worked wonders. It didn't work for me. I pay for plenty of television streaming services plus cable. Maybe I'm a fool for doing that. Maybe not. The thing is, I can't subscribe to CBS for Star Trek. I need more. CBS doesn't have enough shows that appeal to me. They aren't getting my money here. 

The best part about this show is that I will see it. One day, it will be released on Blu-Ray. That's when I'll pick it up. Maybe I'll even buy a digital copy. One payment and I own all the episodes. That plan works. 

Is the show good? Yes. Did it make me have to subscribe to CBS's streaming service? Nope. Oh well. 

Till next week.